Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 2

It would be easy
to give up,
and give in,
and put on one of those
Everyone else does it.
I could do it too.
Punch in.
Punch out.
No problem.
I just can’t help
but wonder what
would happen
to these words,
and to the words
that I could have written
if I never put on
this suit in the first place.
What if I have
a poem that will
change the way you
see the world?
What if I have
the next great
American novel
in my head,
just waiting to be
What if?
What if?
What if I don’t
put down this pen?

46 responses to “Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 2”

  1. When I read this I couldnt help but think of T S Eliot who went every day to work in the bank the wrote in his spare time. I dont know how he did and eventually he had a breakdown. The wasteland took 10 years to write and even longer to publish. I totally understand where you are coming from.. keep writing. As much as I think it would look good on you I dont think the suit suits.

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  2. I didn’t put on a suit, but I did choose a steady income over writing. Depending on how much money and being able to pay bills means to you, I don’t think it’s always worth it.

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