Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 2

It would be easy to give up, and give in, and put on one of those dumb fucking suits. Everyone else does it. I could do it too. Punch in. Punch out. No problem. I just can’t help but wonder what would happen to these words, and to the words that I could have writtenContinue reading “Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 2”

Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 1

I want to take a shower and start over. Not with this, but in general. I’d like to go back to school and figure out what my life should look like – what it could look like – if I wasn’t so worried about writing all this bullshit. I could probably get a good jobContinue reading “Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 1”

Shapes and Lines

I don’t wear glasses. My vision is good. But I have been seeing Things kinda funny Through these red-x lenses. It’s all shapes and Lines that bend, And objects that Don’t make any sense. Sometimes it scares me But sometimes I love it, Just knowing that I Must be a squiggly mess Of shapes andContinue reading “Shapes and Lines”