On The Balcony

My feet hang between the bars of my brother’s balcony railing. Two kids ride by on their bicycles, laughing about something. I watch them for a minute and then go back to smoking my cigarette. Sweet nicotine. Sweet sweet nicotine. The stars are out. It’s Los Angeles, and the stars are out. Seems funny thatContinue reading “On The Balcony”

Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 2

It would be easy to give up, and give in, and put on one of those dumb fucking suits. Everyone else does it. I could do it too. Punch in. Punch out. No problem. I just can’t help but wonder what would happen to these words, and to the words that I could have writtenContinue reading “Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 2”

Among the Stars

I can remember sitting in the back seat of my parents’ car as a kid, coming home from my grandparents’ house, or back from dinner. I can remember looking through the window at the stars, or looking at my own reflection in the glass, and I can remember not really thinking much of it. IContinue reading “Among the Stars”