Cat Death

My cat died this morning. That’s not what this story is about, but she did die. She ran into the street and got hit by this old woman driving a black Benz. There’s nothing anyone could’ve done. The old woman is my neighbor and I kow that she’s nearly blind. The cat didn’t look both ways. Things happen. And there’s always another cat. And I’m sure that the old woman will die soon, too. That seems like justice in a way. But, again, that’s not what this story is about. It has nothing to do with cats at all, actually. It has to do with intentions. Like, for example, my intention was not to force the cat into the street. No. I was simply playing around with her, giving her chase. I thought it would be fun for her to run around the yard. Like cat and mouse, only, she was the mouse and I was the cat. But, again, my intention was never to steer her into the road. That’s just how it happened. And it’s too bad. Chalk it up to bad timing. But my intention was pure. Right?

Someone tell me.

Can anyone hear me?

What have I done?

108 responses to “Cat Death”

  1. Your intention was pure Lou. What you did was give you cat a good time in her last few minutes. Will you feel guilty? Yes. It’s normal. It will pass. If it doesn’t? Oh well. In either case, learn from it.

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  2. You haven’t done anything. I feel sad for you (even if you don’t) but I love cats. It was just an accident. I heard you ages ago, actually…but my kid called me or I’d have replied earlier.

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  3. Your intention was pure. It’s just that some things are unexpected and happens in a strange way. Oh, but death isn’t strange at all. Now, I cry, weep, and wail for your cat’s death! Seriously. I love cats!!! 💔💔💔

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  4. Mouarf…. I read this the first time right after you posted it. I had a feeling it was fiction, but I didn’t want to send a funny comment and learn that it was a real anecdote. Asking would also have sounded kinda rude if the cat was indeed dead. And I didn’t want to send out my condolences and have the confirmation that this was fiction either…

    Now I’m just happy. Kitty’s fine, so are you, and I know I get you better than I would have thought!!

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  5. NO PROBLEM lou!

    You’ll just go to cat hell and rot for everrrrrrrrr…………..

    But that is not the worse part. Each time you see a cat ….. that cat’s eyes will follow you with a knowing that you, lou, are a cat murderer!

    There will be no peace everrrrrr……….

    And you will soon discover that EVERY purr is one of “purrsuit” because you have a cat-bounty on your head. And the posters at the post office will confirm this every time you go to buy stamps.

    Yet, have a nice day, ya’ hear.

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  6. You loved your cat
    I have wept over beloved pets that I put in harm’s way, thinking I was doing the right thing
    I only hope that consoles both of us
    Everyone dies
    That is not the test
    Love is the test

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    • everyone does die, but that’s not such a bad thing. shit happens. don’t blame yourself. blame the Benz, or something


  7. well, what you did was simply be, life is all chaos and catastrophe. Sorry about your cat, mine just died too, sad times, good that you can write about it.

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