Write the Truth

“Inspire me,” I tell her, as she sits down on my lap. “How?” “Take your shirt off,” I say. “Give me a dance.” She laughs and says “ok.” Then she pulls off her top and she starts grinding on my cock. I get hard and she feels it and she grinds on me some more.Continue reading “Write the Truth”


She said that she wanted to take a picture. She was in a good mood. Giggling at nothing. And She kept saying, “Lou! I want to take a picture.” So I said, “ok.” But I didn’t want to smile for Her picture. I was watching the waitresses walk around. Asses pulled up tight in theseContinue reading “Candid”


I walked down to the beach this morning, even though I don’t live by the ocean. Or any body of water. I just walked until I heard the sound of waves in my head. The smell of salt in my nose. None of it was real, but it felt good anyways. It felt like IContinue reading “Drowning”

Bad (HERE)

I don’t feel like a bad person, but I know that I do bad things sometimes. And I know what I’m doing right now is mean, but I can’t help it. I’ll apologize later: “Jess.” Jess rolls over on me and grumbles, “what?” I scratch her back and tell her that I have to getContinue reading “Bad (HERE)”

Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 1

I want to take a shower and start over. Not with this, but in general. I’d like to go back to school and figure out what my life should look like – what it could look like – if I wasn’t so worried about writing all this bullshit. I could probably get a good jobContinue reading “Thoughts During Writer’s Block, pt. 1”

Instagram Love

I fell asleep with my clothes on, woke up, undressed, pissed, and then checked my phone to see if I had any messages. I did. All from her. She broke up with me in a text. Again. Because she was mad that I liked that one girl’s picture on Instagram. She told me to unfollowContinue reading “Instagram Love”

Cat Death

My cat died this morning. That’s not what this story is about, but she did die. She ran into the street and got hit by this old woman driving a black Benz. There’s nothing anyone could’ve done. The old woman is my neighbor and I kow that she’s nearly blind. The cat didn’t look bothContinue reading “Cat Death”

Good Morning

There’s a dance studio below my apartment – DUHMPH DUMPH DUMPH DUMPH! There it goes right now. The stomping and stamping and DUHMPH DUHMPH DUHMPHing of a hundred feet all at once. There’s supposed to be a rhythm to it, but I can’t make one out. Not clearly, at least. It’s just a bunch of noise, andContinue reading “Good Morning”

Cleaning Shit / New Year

Someone shit on the floor in the bathroom where I work. Seriously. Someone shit on the fucking floor. And it’s my job to clean it up. Fuck. This isn’t worth minimum wage, I think. But then I clean it up anyway. I wear gloves but it still makes me feel like I need a hotContinue reading “Cleaning Shit / New Year”