Dark skies,
Red eyes,
Nothing like
Getting stoned
On a quiet night.
Quiet night…
Quiet night…
Too quiet…
Wolf howl!
Suealing breaks!
A woman screaming
In the woods I think…
It’s really faint,
And I’m sure
She’s fine.
I’m sure…
I’m sure…
Then I hear it again,
Louder this time,
Like she’s really
In some trouble.
I think I should
Do something.
I’m sure I should.
So I tell myself
That if I hear it again,
I will definitely do something.
But then it
Goes back to
Being quiet,
And I don’t
Hear any screams.
So I figure she
Must be fine.
That, or I’m
Just really high…
Really high…
Really high…
And I thought
I heard screams,
When really, it
Was nothing
At all.

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  1. A hallowolf.

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