I want to pull a handful of dirt from the earth and listen to the heartbeat of the world for a little while, and remind myself that I live here, and not in this fucking phone. It’s easy to forget sometimes, with how much life I pour into these texts and Snapchats and Facebook updates,Continue reading “Reunion”

Love Story

I’m fucking tired of your love stories. And I’m tired of my love stories too. And I just want to move to California and wash all of these words off of me in the ocean. I think that would make me feel better. Refreshed. It might help me sober up, too, because I’m high rightContinue reading “Love Story”

Shapes and Lines

I don’t wear glasses. My vision is good. But I have been seeing Things kinda funny Through these red-x lenses. It’s all shapes and Lines that bend, And objects that Don’t make any sense. Sometimes it scares me But sometimes I love it, Just knowing that I Must be a squiggly mess Of shapes andContinue reading “Shapes and Lines”