When I tell my friends
that I write poetry,
they usually tell me
that I’m a faggot.
And then I tell them
that they shouldn’t call
people faggots.
I say it’s offensive.
But then they say
that it’s only offensive
to faggots.
And so I let it go.
I turn to my phone.
And I start writing
a poem about how my
friends love sucking
Those faggots.

38 responses to “Faggots”

  1. Got me smiling here, I don’t even tell people I write, when they tell my what is my work I just lie and say I’m in construction. That was before some years ago, now I do say I’m a fag that I write with all my instinctive might. I rhyme and intertwine and then I leave them behind.
    So that was weird, but you got the point. They want to fight, no problem not a fag, they want to drink more no problem I’ll over drink them (kind of a problem that one), they want to bullshit no problem you can’t bullshit a bullshiter, but they can do what I can do? Write? No they can’t, can I do what they do for example being in the hot freaking garage making the motorcicly function…..I can, can I be a bartender…..I can, I have worked in all types of jobs in my 35 years of existence but, can they do what I do? No they can’t. And they better not call me a faf on my face, I do have quite a violent temper when they push me too much, working on it though. But, no, I can do what they do and they will never be able to do what I do, as bad as it is, is my art with mostly all my heart.

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