Coffee. Coffee. We’re drinking coffee to wake up. And we’re smoking weed to zone out. And we’re dragging cigarettes to balance the two. Then more coffee. More coffee to stay awake, because we get nervous when we’re groggy. But then it’s too much coffee. And we’re jittery, so we smoke more weed. Too much weed.Continue reading “Youth”

Among the Stars

I can remember sitting in the back seat of my parents’ car as a kid, coming home from my grandparents’ house, or back from dinner. I can remember looking through the window at the stars, or looking at my own reflection in the glass, and I can remember not really thinking much of it. IContinue reading “Among the Stars”


“Ok,” I say with a sigh, and then I start shaving the scratchy fuzz that has been sprouting out of my chin. It doesn’t grow very thick, but I shave what’s there and it makes me feel better. That is, until I notice that the skin where I shaved has started peeling from the cold weather. I decideContinue reading “Shave”