Cleaning Shit / New Year

Someone shit on the floor in the bathroom where I work. Seriously. Someone shit on the fucking floor. And it’s my job to clean it up. Fuck. This isn’t worth minimum wage, I think. But then I clean it up anyway. I wear gloves but it still makes me feel like I need a hotContinue reading “Cleaning Shit / New Year”


Muddy lines, There’s mold in that beer, Drink up! Ash-ridden tables, Chalky air, Smoke one, too! Again again again. Until, Black. Sleep. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm, groggy eyes, grumble, yawn. Broken thermostat. I shiver to the bathroom, Shave shit shower. Low pressure water. Brush my teeth. Eat. Work. Drunk guests, Boss drinking behind the bar, FalseContinue reading “Loop”

Drive Home, or, Anxiety

I’ve started taking A new way home From work lately. I was seeing too many Cops when I would go The other way and It was giving me anxiety. And I know that I Shouldn’t say that. Because I know that Saying that is like Admitting that I have Anxiety in the first place. MaybeContinue reading “Drive Home, or, Anxiety”