Write the Truth

“Inspire me,” I tell her, as she sits down on my lap. “How?” “Take your shirt off,” I say. “Give me a dance.” She laughs and says “ok.” Then she pulls off her top and she starts grinding on my cock. I get hard and she feels it and she grinds on me some more.Continue reading “Write the Truth”

Sex Stories

Don’t tell me your sex stories with flowers, because I know that it’s bullshit. Tell me what it was like that one time you both got drunk and she burped in your mouth after she took off her shirt, but you kissed her anyway so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Tell me how you tried andContinue reading “Sex Stories”


She met me for lunch today, wearing a blue dress and fishnet leggings. For lunch. At this casual place down the street from me. I was going to break up with her but I couldn’t once she showed up like that. In that tight blue dress. Her lips bright red. She said she was alreadyContinue reading “Manipulation”

Bad (HERE)

I don’t feel like a bad person, but I know that I do bad things sometimes. And I know what I’m doing right now is mean, but I can’t help it. I’ll apologize later: “Jess.” Jess rolls over on me and grumbles, “what?” I scratch her back and tell her that I have to getContinue reading “Bad (HERE)”


I woke her up this morning, with kisses between her legs. And I told her that I love her, the only way that I know how. I ate her out and fucked her good, until she said “ow, “wait, “that hurts.” “What hurts?” “Your dick. “It doesn’t feel good.” “Really?” “Yeah,” she said, “I thinkContinue reading “Kisses”


Pornstars always look so happy when they’re fucking. They look so happy that it makes me happy too. And I know that people don’t think much of pornstars. And it’s too bad that they’re all sex addicts. But I just can’t feel bad for someone who can find that much joy in anything. I don’tContinue reading “Happy”

Worst Case Scenario

I woke up naked, with her arms around my head, with my pants still hanging around my ankles, sort of off the bed. My dick is sore, and I feel her bare legs between mine. Weird. I don’t remember fucking last night. I don’t know if I had a condom on. I don’t know ifContinue reading “Worst Case Scenario”

Drink and Smoke and Fuck

Nothing going on today. More snow. Ten below. Got drunk for breakfast, then wrote a script for a video that I want to make with my brother, hated it, wrote another, better. Then I froze my fingers trying to light my pipe with an old lighter that doesn’t really work anymore. Went to the store,Continue reading “Drink and Smoke and Fuck”