Waiting for Her

I’m standing outside, waiting for her to finish her drink. I told her I wanted a cigarette. She said she didn’t want to be rushed. I said, “don’t hurry.” But I’ve been out here for ten minutes now, and I’m not sure where she is. I smoke another cigarette. She’s still inside. Then I sayContinue reading “Waiting for Her”

Sex Stories

Don’t tell me your sex stories with flowers, because I know that it’s bullshit. Tell me what it was like that one time you both got drunk and she burped in your mouth after she took off her shirt, but you kissed her anyway so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Tell me how you tried andContinue reading “Sex Stories”


She said that she wanted to take a picture. She was in a good mood. Giggling at nothing. And She kept saying, “Lou! I want to take a picture.” So I said, “ok.” But I didn’t want to smile for Her picture. I was watching the waitresses walk around. Asses pulled up tight in theseContinue reading “Candid”


She met me for lunch today, wearing a blue dress and fishnet leggings. For lunch. At this casual place down the street from me. I was going to break up with her but I couldn’t once she showed up like that. In that tight blue dress. Her lips bright red. She said she was alreadyContinue reading “Manipulation”


She won’t respondto my texts,because I texted herbestfriend and askedfor nudes.I guess that wasn’t cool.But her frienddidn’t send them anyway,so what’s the big deal?Respond to me, bitch. No response. Ok,I know that wasn’tvery nice either.You’re not a bitch.But I miss you.Does that countfor anything?You haven’t respondedto me in so long,and I’m a needy sad boy.Please.RepondContinue reading “Respond”


I killed my ex-girlfriend last year. Not literally, but sort of. She’s physically still alive. She’s just dead in every other way to me, and I did it. I pushed her to the edge (again, not literally) and then I killed her. I made her block me on social media and delete my number. IContinue reading “Murderer”