Write the Truth

“Inspire me,” I tell her, as she sits down on my lap. “How?” “Take your shirt off,” I say. “Give me a dance.” She laughs and says “ok.” Then she pulls off her top and she starts grinding on my cock. I get hard and she feels it and she grinds on me some more.Continue reading “Write the Truth”

Lottery Ticket

She told me that I shouldn’t spend my last ten bucks on a lottery ticket. I said, “fuck that.” And then I spent my last ten bucks on a lottery ticket. She called me stupid. I called her a cunt. Then I scratched off the ticket. “Ha!” I yelled, and I shoved the ticket inContinue reading “Lottery Ticket”

Worst Case Scenario

I woke up naked, with her arms around my head, with my pants still hanging around my ankles, sort of off the bed. My dick is sore, and I feel her bare legs between mine. Weird. I don’t remember fucking last night. I don’t know if I had a condom on. I don’t know ifContinue reading “Worst Case Scenario”


Left, Right; Right Right Left, I swipe. Dude, Lou, you just gotta put yourself out there. Right, Right – Oh, yikes, I think – And I swipe Left Left Left. Yeah man, you’ll find a girl if you look for one. Left, Left, Right, Right… Back and forth Across that Glowing Glass Screen. But you gottaContinue reading “Dating”


“I want to buy a boat.” She looks at me, head cocked to the side, and says, “with what money?” I stop, shrug my shoulders, then put on as confident a face as I can manage: “I have some savings.” And I say this, even though I know that she knows that I have noContinue reading “Birthday”

The Club

“What are you “Doing tonight, “Babe?” … I wait for A text Back. … Then! My phone Lights up. She responds. And it says, “Im going to “A club.” … I just look At the Words. … “I’m going to “A club.” … Then! My thumbs Start firing like Tap, Tap, Taptaptap! And I’m reallyContinue reading “The Club”