Routine Lunch

That’s all that it said, On the blank page Of the notebook That I keep next to My bed: “Routine Lunch.” That’s all that it said, On the paper I use To write down the Drunk thoughts that I have. “Routine Lunch.” I say in my head, Over and Over and Over again. “Routine Lunch.”Continue reading “Routine Lunch”

Anxiety or Indigestion 

It’s coming… I can feel it Coming. It’s in my gut, Churn Churn Churning, And Boil Boil Boiling. I’m going to erupt, Blow my lid, Lose my fucking shit. I can feel it Coming. Any minute… But then I burp, And I kind of Feel better. I guess it was just indigestion, I think.


Left, Right; Right Right Left, I swipe. Dude, Lou, you just gotta put yourself out there. Right, Right – Oh, yikes, I think – And I swipe Left Left Left. Yeah man, you’ll find a girl if you look for one. Left, Left, Right, Right… Back and forth Across that Glowing Glass Screen. But you gottaContinue reading “Dating”

The Club

“What are you “Doing tonight, “Babe?” … I wait for A text Back. … Then! My phone Lights up. She responds. And it says, “Im going to “A club.” … I just look At the Words. … “I’m going to “A club.” … Then! My thumbs Start firing like Tap, Tap, Taptaptap! And I’m reallyContinue reading “The Club”