Oranges and Metaphors

I’ve been trying to find the right metaphor to describe her, like picking a ripe orange from an orange tree. They all sort of seem like they would be fine. And I’ve never been picky about oranges. But I know one is the best. It’s on the tree somewhere. I’m just too lazy to findContinue reading “Oranges and Metaphors”


She won’t respondto my texts,because I texted herbestfriend and askedfor nudes.I guess that wasn’t cool.But her frienddidn’t send them anyway,so what’s the big deal?Respond to me, bitch. No response. Ok,I know that wasn’tvery nice either.You’re not a bitch.But I miss you.Does that countfor anything?You haven’t respondedto me in so long,and I’m a needy sad boy.Please.RepondContinue reading “Respond”