Mall Creep

There’s no ass Like the ass that I see at the mall; No tits like it either. Girls, with their shirts Down to here And their skirts Up to there, So that their tits spill Out over their bras And their asses fall Out under the cloth, All to impress I-don’t-know-who. Yes, I love theContinue reading “Mall Creep”


There was an ugly little couch with a flowery-print sitting on the side of the road earlier. I saw it on my way to the grocery store. It was so ugly and sad, with its flowery print worn away from all of the sweaty backs that had rubbed against it, and with its cushions depressed downContinue reading “Couch”

Routine Lunch

That’s all that it said, On the blank page Of the notebook That I keep next to My bed: “Routine Lunch.” That’s all that it said, On the paper I use To write down the Drunk thoughts that I have. “Routine Lunch.” I say in my head, Over and Over and Over again. “Routine Lunch.”Continue reading “Routine Lunch”