Hoarders and hoards of other wordly creatures fill the street corners, holding tightly, fingers clinging, knuckles white, to anything that makes them feel u n i q u e and whole. Walking around with plastic bags full of things that they don’t need. Blindly reaching for some meaning among all of this meaninglessness. I walkContinue reading “Hoarders”

Material Things

I don’t take care of myself but that’s ok, because we live in a day and age when material things are more important anyway. And I have a lot of things: clothes and hats and diamond earrings. The more the better I think, or they say, yeah, the more the better, that’s how the commercialsContinue reading “Material Things”

Shapes and Lines

I don’t wear glasses. My vision is good. But I have been seeing Things kinda funny Through these red-x lenses. It’s all shapes and Lines that bend, And objects that Don’t make any sense. Sometimes it scares me But sometimes I love it, Just knowing that I Must be a squiggly mess Of shapes andContinue reading “Shapes and Lines”


Muddy lines, There’s mold in that beer, Drink up! Ash-ridden tables, Chalky air, Smoke one, too! Again again again. Until, Black. Sleep. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm, groggy eyes, grumble, yawn. Broken thermostat. I shiver to the bathroom, Shave shit shower. Low pressure water. Brush my teeth. Eat. Work. Drunk guests, Boss drinking behind the bar, FalseContinue reading “Loop”