Coffee. Coffee. We’re drinking coffee to wake up. And we’re smoking weed to zone out. And we’re dragging cigarettes to balance the two. Then more coffee. More coffee to stay awake, because we get nervous when we’re groggy. But then it’s too much coffee. And we’re jittery, so we smoke more weed. Too much weed.Continue reading “Youth”

Cigarette Selfies

i don’t know why, but most of my posts have been about social media lately. here’s another one: Let’s take selfies with cigarettes hanging from our mouths, so that people know we don’t give a fuck. Let’s take Snapchats while we chug beers, so that people know we’re fun. Let’s post and post and post,Continue reading “Cigarette Selfies”

Instagram Love

I fell asleep with my clothes on, woke up, undressed, pissed, and then checked my phone to see if I had any messages. I did. All from her. She broke up with me in a text. Again. Because she was mad that I liked that one girl’s picture on Instagram. She told me to unfollowContinue reading “Instagram Love”


I’m sitting on the couch, watching the same TV show that I watched yesterday, and thinking about what exactly I’m doing with myself. Binge watching shit? It’s not even good shit. But everyone else is watching it, and sometimes it feels weird to not do what everyone else is doing, so I keep watching. It’sContinue reading “Disappointment”

Big Cities

Yesterday I went to a dinky little diner, and I had a greasy little breakfast, and I talked to this old little racist man about how dangerous big cities are: “There’s so much crime,” he said. “I know,” I said back. “There’s just so many gangs,” he said. “I know,” I said again, and IContinue reading “Big Cities”

Shooting Pool (HERE)

Mary was shooting pool. Probably not making any shots. She doesn’t make a lot. But she was shooting pool anyway, because she likes to play when she’s having a drink. Usually a vodka press with shitty vodka. So Mary was shooting pool and I was sitting at the bar, watching her, and we were enjoyingContinue reading “Shooting Pool (HERE)”