Convenience Store

I kick up dirt on the rock shoulder of the road that I take to get to the convenience store by my apartment. Inside, two fat men are sitting at a table, sweating and spitting food at each other while they talk about a football game that they watched in the early nineties. I walkContinue reading “Convenience Store”


Pornstars always look so happy when they’re fucking. They look so happy that it makes me happy too. And I know that people don’t think much of pornstars. And it’s too bad that they’re all sex addicts. But I just can’t feel bad for someone who can find that much joy in anything. I don’tContinue reading “Happy”

The Cat

The cat always has to be Here, Or there, Or somewhere Near. Just standing, Or sitting, Or laying down, Halfway-twisted on her back So that she can Lick her cat pussy; Doing anything Just as long as she’s Near. So it’s not my fault If she’s in my room, Or on my bed, Or myContinue reading “The Cat”


I have too much dignity To use Tinder, Or Bumble, Or any other hookup site. I’m not desperate. I don’t need a meaningless fuck, Or an awkward date, Just to feel liked. I’m better than that – more dignified than that… So I open Pornhub, And I jerk the fuck out of my dick.