Take me back to that place, Give me that feeling, Press your skin on mine So that I can forget what It means to have meaning. Talk to me with your body, Whisper through touch, Let it happen without Knowing how it happens. Pants unbuttoned, Shirts thrown across the floor, Waves of energy, Swelling ecstasy,Continue reading “Wild”

Getting Coffee

The bell rings as the door opens. Carly walks in, bundled in the same big red ski jacket that she always wears. She has on black leggings and rainboots, too. She’s such a weirdo, I think, laughing to myself. Such a goofy girl. Pretty, funny… but she’s my weirdo. A little smile spreads across herContinue reading “Getting Coffee”


Left, Right; Right Right Left, I swipe. Dude, Lou, you just gotta put yourself out there. Right, Right – Oh, yikes, I think – And I swipe Left Left Left. Yeah man, you’ll find a girl if you look for one. Left, Left, Right, Right… Back and forth Across that Glowing Glass Screen. But you gottaContinue reading “Dating”


“I want to buy a boat.” She looks at me, head cocked to the side, and says, “with what money?” I stop, shrug my shoulders, then put on as confident a face as I can manage: “I have some savings.” And I say this, even though I know that she knows that I have noContinue reading “Birthday”

The Club

“What are you “Doing tonight, “Babe?” … I wait for A text Back. … Then! My phone Lights up. She responds. And it says, “Im going to “A club.” … I just look At the Words. … “I’m going to “A club.” … Then! My thumbs Start firing like Tap, Tap, Taptaptap! And I’m reallyContinue reading “The Club”