Love Story

I’m fucking tired of your love stories. And I’m tired of my love stories too. And I just want to move to California and wash all of these words off of me in the ocean. I think that would make me feel better. Refreshed. It might help me sober up, too, because I’m high rightContinue reading “Love Story”

Worst Case Scenario

I woke up naked, with her arms around my head, with my pants still hanging around my ankles, sort of off the bed. My dick is sore, and I feel her bare legs between mine. Weird. I don’t remember fucking last night. I don’t know if I had a condom on. I don’t know ifContinue reading “Worst Case Scenario”

Holiday Dinner

She’s making jazz music in the kitchen, dropping pots and pans, and I’m setting the table, trying to dance along. She blushes. She’s always been embarrassed by how clumsy she is, even though she knows that I think it’s cute that she’s so clumsy. “Don’t make fun of me,” she says. “I’m not,” I say,Continue reading “Holiday Dinner”

The Beginning and The End

It begins and ends with you, My dear, You’re my lover and my muse, And I fear that it will Always be that way. Always. Especially when everything Else is so impossible to Differentiate. Especially When life is nothing but Coffee stains and thirty- Second advertisements that Can’t be skipped soon enough. When it’s nothingContinue reading “The Beginning and The End”