I woke her up this morning, with kisses between her legs. And I told her that I love her, the only way that I know how. I ate her out and fucked her good, until she said “ow, “wait, “that hurts.” “What hurts?” “Your dick. “It doesn’t feel good.” “Really?” “Yeah,” she said, “I thinkContinue reading “Kisses”

Lazy Sunday 

“Oh my god, I love your tits,” I sigh with a heavy breath, eyes clenched, as I “ungh! ungh! ungh!” my dick between her breasts. She purs in her little kitten voice: “yea? You love fucking my tits, Lou?” She pushes her chest together so that her curves consume my cock. “Yes! Yes! Lou! OhContinue reading “Lazy Sunday “


Take me back to that place, Give me that feeling, Press your skin on mine So that I can forget what It means to have meaning. Talk to me with your body, Whisper through touch, Let it happen without Knowing how it happens. Pants unbuttoned, Shirts thrown across the floor, Waves of energy, Swelling ecstasy,Continue reading “Wild”