Muddy lines, There’s mold in that beer, Drink up! Ash-ridden tables, Chalky air, Smoke one, too! Again again again. Until, Black. Sleep. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm, groggy eyes, grumble, yawn. Broken thermostat. I shiver to the bathroom, Shave shit shower. Low pressure water. Brush my teeth. Eat. Work. Drunk guests, Boss drinking behind the bar, FalseContinue reading “Loop”

Black Out

i dedicate this poem to black out wednesday…. enjoy. I’ve never stared at the Ceiling like this, I think, As the moldy dry wall Comes in and out of focus… Pain in my throat… Too fucked up… “Did I say that out loud?” “What?” my roommate asks. “Dhremmbluh,” I mutter. Too fucked up, I blink,Continue reading “Black Out”


Eyes blink open, Confused, Not sure if it’s Morning or if it’s Yesterday. And it smells Like you, like You might still Be here, on the Other side of The bed under The covers. But you’re not. I know that You’re not. Because I know That you’re afraid To spend the night, And that you’reContinue reading “Hungover”