Big Cities

Yesterday I went to a dinky little diner, and I had a greasy little breakfast, and I talked to this old little racist man about how dangerous big cities are: “There’s so much crime,” he said. “I know,” I said back. “There’s just so many gangs,” he said. “I know,” I said again, and IContinue reading “Big Cities”

Shooting Pool (HERE)

Mary was shooting pool. Probably not making any shots. She doesn’t make a lot. But she was shooting pool anyway, because she likes to play when she’s having a drink. Usually a vodka press with shitty vodka. So Mary was shooting pool and I was sitting at the bar, watching her, and we were enjoyingContinue reading “Shooting Pool (HERE)”

Lazy Sunday 

“Oh my god, I love your tits,” I sigh with a heavy breath, eyes clenched, as I “ungh! ungh! ungh!” my dick between her breasts. She purs in her little kitten voice: “yea? You love fucking my tits, Lou?” She pushes her chest together so that her curves consume my cock. “Yes! Yes! Lou! OhContinue reading “Lazy Sunday “

Getting Coffee

The bell rings as the door opens. Carly walks in, bundled in the same big red ski jacket that she always wears. She has on black leggings and rainboots, too. She’s such a weirdo, I think, laughing to myself. Such a goofy girl. Pretty, funny… but she’s my weirdo. A little smile spreads across herContinue reading “Getting Coffee”

Sin & Weak

Her name was Sin, his name was Weak. It was a Friday night, one on the Thirteenth. She was out with some friends, he was out with his demons. Face them, he thought, confront Temptation and resist her. And he was doing good. That is, until Sin walked in, all pretty and pale and thin.Continue reading “Sin & Weak”


Sweating.. Sweating.. Sweating in my armpits and my forehead and a little down my back. It’s all sweat. It’s all fear. I can’t breathe, and I’m cold in my fingertips and on the head of my cock. Maybe it’s just nervousness. Fear and nervousness? Where do you draw the line? Either way it shows inContinue reading “Sweat”