Waiting for Her

I’m standing outside, waiting for her to finish her drink. I told her I wanted a cigarette. She said she didn’t want to be rushed. I said, “don’t hurry.” But I’ve been out here for ten minutes now, and I’m not sure where she is. I smoke another cigarette. She’s still inside. Then I sayContinue reading “Waiting for Her”

Write the Truth

“Inspire me,” I tell her, as she sits down on my lap. “How?” “Take your shirt off,” I say. “Give me a dance.” She laughs and says “ok.” Then she pulls off her top and she starts grinding on my cock. I get hard and she feels it and she grinds on me some more.Continue reading “Write the Truth”

Sex Stories

Don’t tell me your sex stories with flowers, because I know that it’s bullshit. Tell me what it was like that one time you both got drunk and she burped in your mouth after she took off her shirt, but you kissed her anyway so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Tell me how you tried andContinue reading “Sex Stories”

Lottery Ticket

She told me that I shouldn’t spend my last ten bucks on a lottery ticket. I said, “fuck that.” And then I spent my last ten bucks on a lottery ticket. She called me stupid. I called her a cunt. Then I scratched off the ticket. “Ha!” I yelled, and I shoved the ticket inContinue reading “Lottery Ticket”

To Do List

Sitting on the balcony of my second floor apartment building, I drag my cigarette and listen to the footsteps of people walking by on the sidewalk beneath me. Tat, tat, tat. Tat, tat, tat. It sounds like it’s two people but I don’t care enough to look and see for sure. I just listen toContinue reading “To Do List”

Coffee Shop

Snuck a bottle of whiskey into the coffee shop. Ordered a coffee. Turned it Irish. Then I sat down and got drunk. Turned myself Irish. Now I’m talking to myself with an accent. Shitty accent. Sounds more Scottish than Irish. Or kind of Australian. I’m bad with accents. Good with getting drunk, though. Why isContinue reading “Coffee Shop”