Asleep at the Wheel

There’s a car at The top of a hill, Speeding towards An intersection Where the light Just turned yellow And then going Even faster still, Like it’s on a Mission to kill, Like it’s a metal Bullet made for evil. Then the light turns red, And other cars start passing Through the intersection… This carContinue reading “Asleep at the Wheel”


I smoked a cigarette today, While I drove past the hospital. And I thought about how awful It would be to get lung cancer, Or throat cancer, Or to have a heart attack… I looked down at my cigarette… And when I looked back up, I saw the back of a semi, Right as itContinue reading “Cancer”


I got so bored today – So fucking bored – That, On my way home from work, I thought about swerving across the median of this two-way highway, Into oncoming traffic, And driving head-first into a sixteen-wheeler. I thought about my head splitting into a hundred little fragments of bone against the windshield; Bone andContinue reading “Bored”