Drive Home, or, Anxiety

I’ve started taking A new way home From work lately. I was seeing too many Cops when I would go The other way and It was giving me anxiety. And I know that I Shouldn’t say that. Because I know that Saying that is like Admitting that I have Anxiety in the first place. MaybeContinue reading “Drive Home, or, Anxiety”

Vacation, Pt. 2

So I finally Took that Vacation that I was saying I Needed to take. The one to Get away from All of the Tap-tapping rain And the worries In my brain. Finally, I got My escape. And, truthfully, Now that I’ve Had my time and Gotten my space, I still don’t Feel that great, AndContinue reading “Vacation, Pt. 2”


“Ok,” I say with a sigh, and then I start shaving the scratchy fuzz that has been sprouting out of my chin. It doesn’t grow very thick, but I shave what’s there and it makes me feel better. That is, until I notice that the skin where I shaved has started peeling from the cold weather. I decideContinue reading “Shave”

What Would You Do?

Sometimes I wonder What would happen if I just seized up and died, Like, right at work, or Right before your eyes. I think for a moment There would be surprise, But after a while Everyone would just Move on with their lives, And maybe even laugh About it from time to time. I thinkContinue reading “What Would You Do?”


Sweating.. Sweating.. Sweating in my armpits and my forehead and a little down my back. It’s all sweat. It’s all fear. I can’t breathe, and I’m cold in my fingertips and on the head of my cock. Maybe it’s just nervousness. Fear and nervousness? Where do you draw the line? Either way it shows inContinue reading “Sweat”

Anxiety or Indigestion 

It’s coming… I can feel it Coming. It’s in my gut, Churn Churn Churning, And Boil Boil Boiling. I’m going to erupt, Blow my lid, Lose my fucking shit. I can feel it Coming. Any minute… But then I burp, And I kind of Feel better. I guess it was just indigestion, I think.