Anthony asked me if I would answer some questions. I said, “sure.” And now there’s a full interview that you can view on his site: When initially stumbling across this young, self-revealed HS drop-out, writer’ Lou Rasmus’ WordPress site, formerly known as ‘Drink and Smoke and Fuck’ I was left a bit queasy. His writing,Continue reading “Interview”

Coffee Shop

Snuck a bottle of whiskey into the coffee shop. Ordered a coffee. Turned it Irish. Then I sat down and got drunk. Turned myself Irish. Now I’m talking to myself with an accent. Shitty accent. Sounds more Scottish than Irish. Or kind of Australian. I’m bad with accents. Good with getting drunk, though. Why isContinue reading “Coffee Shop”

I Don’t Remember

I don’t really remember yesterday, or anything from the last few weeks. I just know that my trash can is now overflowing with beer cans and there’s cigarette ash on my bedsheets, and joint roaches littered across the floor, and there’s cum in almost all of my socks. So I guess I’ve been masturbating aContinue reading “I Don’t Remember”


Coffee. Coffee. We’re drinking coffee to wake up. And we’re smoking weed to zone out. And we’re dragging cigarettes to balance the two. Then more coffee. More coffee to stay awake, because we get nervous when we’re groggy. But then it’s too much coffee. And we’re jittery, so we smoke more weed. Too much weed.Continue reading “Youth”


I walked down to the beach this morning, even though I don’t live by the ocean. Or any body of water. I just walked until I heard the sound of waves in my head. The smell of salt in my nose. None of it was real, but it felt good anyways. It felt like IContinue reading “Drowning”