Waiting for Her

I’m standing outside,
waiting for her to
finish her drink.
I told her I wanted
a cigarette.
She said she didn’t
want to be rushed.
I said, “don’t hurry.”
But I’ve been out here
for ten minutes now,
and I’m not sure
where she is.
I smoke another cigarette.
She’s still inside.
Then I say “fuck it” and leave.
I’m sure she’ll go home
with someone else anyway.


19 responses to “Waiting for Her”

  1. Either that, or she’ll have a good long walk.

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    1. haha that would be fitting

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  2. Didn’t see that coming.

    Sorry love. Either you need to communicate better for you need to get your needs filled elsewhere. This thing doesn’t seem win/win to me. I could be wrong. I kind of need an emotional masochist around me being a bit sadistic and all…but it’s go to be mutually beneficial. Right?

    Don’t ask me though. I know nothing. Still trying to figure it all out as I go along. 😞 hug! ❤️

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    1. but you could be right. im trying to figure it out, too. thanks for reading.

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  3. I woke up
    This morning
    Scratched my nuts
    Nuked some Coffee
    From yesterday.
    Went in
    Took a dump
    Realized it was Kleenex
    Or nothing
    And wished this
    Was on paper
    So I could wipe
    With it.
    Carry on. Sucks to be you. Next.

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    1. this is good haha

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      1. Of course. It’s not art, it’s entertainment. I thought about opening a site for this sort of thing, with merit badges and everything like the stuffy, boring short story people have. You know, win this month’s flash SOC, get to pee in Starbucks without buying anything.

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      2. do it


  4. Interesting read. Cool take on the situation

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    1. thanks. happy you liked it

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    1. not that big of a deal i guess

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  5. I know it seems like a shot at her but it isn’t. You don’t seem to have much respect or love for yourself. Kinda makes me sad.. I hope someday that changes for you.

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    1. it’s alright. im not sad about it. just how shit is

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  6. It doesn’t have to be like this forever

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    1. it’ll be ok

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      1. Of course it will, but ok isn’t always enough. Trust me

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      2. trust

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