Write the Truth

“Inspire me,” I tell her, as she sits down on my lap.


“Take your shirt off,” I say. “Give me a dance.”

She laughs and says “ok.” Then she pulls off her top and she starts grinding on my cock.

I get hard and she feels it and she grinds on me some more. I undo her bra and throw it on the floor. She presses my face into her chest. She moans like a whore.

“Do I inspire you?” She asks.

I pull her in and say, “yes you do.”

Then I pull off her shorts and pull off mine, too. She slides onto me and grinds some more.


“Fuck yes, Lou.”

“Oh shit, babe.”

And I cum inside her.

She giggles and says, “so you’re gonna write about that?”

I pull on a clean pair of underwear and say, “maybe.”

“Well you better mention how you can’t last with me.”

I turn red and try to laugh but I don’t think that it’s very funny.

“If you’re gonna write about us fucking,” she says, “you better write the truth.” Then she gets dressed and checks her makeup in the mirror. When she bends over she lets out a little fart.

I laugh.

“What?” She asks.

“I heard that.”


“That fart.”



“Well you better not write about that!”

I cover my mouth and try to stop laughing, but I can’t.

“Lou,” she says, “tell me you won’t write about that.”

“You said I gotta write the truth, right?”

She jumps off of me.

“Fuck you, Lou,” she says. And she stomps out of the room.

I sit down at my computer and start to write.

20 responses to “Write the Truth”

  1. Ahahaha!!! Yes! That’s awesome!! (PS: I take it as a compliment if a man can’t last long with me….lol)

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    1. good. i think it is a compliment

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  2. Be careful what you wish for, they say… Mouahahaha!

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    1. haha i think that’s the moral here

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      1. Yup, most definately 😉

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  3. This posting proves, I think, as a writer you’ve got the goods… I just wish I was some writer worthwhile and famous and then I’d say yeah you’ve got the goods and it’s worth it… and propel you to the highest echelons of where you should be…

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    1. damn. thanks Bruce. still means a lot


  4. The truth always hurts!

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    1. yes it does

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    1. thank you


  5. I really don’t know why women are so ashamed of farting, I would’ve just laughed with you. And if I made a man cum that quick, I wouldn’t joke about it or throw it in his face, I’d probably smile in self pride and then I’d tell him to be ready to go again cause I’m not done with him yet. I think you’re fucking the wrong chicks but to each his own.

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    1. maybe i am

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  6. Well Lou I thought I would come and see what you were up too…….it would seem as though I came too late
    As Sheldon Yoursly

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    1. thanks for reading Sheldon


  7. There is something funny and honest about this piece.

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    1. thank you for reading

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  8. To paraphrase a wise old ancient Chinese saying, “Be careful what you ask for.”

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    1. haha yeah that’s it


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