I keep going to the shore
to look for
something inspirational.
And I’m not religious,
but I hope it comes to me
through some sort of
spiritual experience.
Some type of divine revelation.
But I don’t think it’s coming.
All I see is the shore
and I don’t feel very inspired
at all.
God probably doesn’t exist.


26 responses to “Religion”

  1. Maybe the shore isn’t where your inspiration lies. Try losing yourself in the waves next time. But if you really want a spiritual experience, get on those knees and close your eyes, it’s not in the ocean or mountains, it’s everything that makes up your soul. Whether God is real to you or not, your soul is very real.

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  2. Your happiness and inspiration is up to you. No sense in clinging to an archaic, failed belief in the unbelievable. Best to just stop waiting and find something you love and kick ass at it.

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  3. I have had many experiences; confirmations of God. So many that to not believe would be more illogical. These experiences can not all be explained sensibly and they may appear to most people to be surreal and even made-up.

    I tried for almost a decade to discount them. I pushed them away, ignoring and discrediting them. Hell bent on being an atheist because I SOOO loathed religion.

    Now I always find that I never have to go looking, I just have to open my heart to it….and those times I struggle the most seem to be when I am hurt badly and have closed my heart out of a sense of needing self protection.

    I can’t say what I think is right and what you experience is wrong. That simply isn’t the case. You have a depth to you that you haven’t allocated to anything or anyone. So be it. You don’t have to know God firsthand to live love. Therein lies the faith part I guess. Don’t know.

    Rambling. Rambling…..

    Just keep being you. ❤️

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