Coffee Shop

Snuck a bottle of whiskey
into the coffee shop.
Ordered a coffee.
Turned it Irish.
Then I sat down and got drunk.
Turned myself Irish.
Now I’m talking to myself with an accent.
Shitty accent.
Sounds more Scottish than Irish.
Or kind of Australian.
I’m bad with accents.
Good with getting drunk, though.

Why is everyone looking at me?


33 responses to “Coffee Shop”

  1. I met an Irish guy in a bar on time and thought he was from Australia because his accent sounded Australian. I think I offended him. But the moral of the story….. go for the Irish/Australia accent, no one will ever know for sure where you are from or what you are saying. -Jill

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  2. Hi Lou-

    My name is Christine Ray and I am a managing editor at Sudden Denouement, Blood Into Ink, Whisper and the Roar, Indie Blu(e), and the Go Dog Go Cafe. Sudden Denouement recently started hosting Discover Sundays several times a month, when we post work by exciting non-Collective writers. I would love to post a couple of your pieces on one of our upcoming Discover Sundays. We would of course properly cite you and provide a link to your blog. Would this be okay with you?


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