Coffee. Coffee. We’re drinking coffee to wake up. And we’re smoking weed to zone out. And we’re dragging cigarettes to balance the two. Then more coffee. More coffee to stay awake, because we get nervous when we’re groggy. But then it’s too much coffee. And we’re jittery, so we smoke more weed. Too much weed. We’re tired again, and we feel the nervousness – the anxiety – closing in again, so we smoke more cigarettes. And then we’re back to worrying about life, and worrying about what we’re doing, and wondering who we’re supposed to be and who we’re gonna be, and then we’re just worrying too much. Thinking too much. So we start drinking. And, yes, it’s early, but we’re drinking anyways because it’s better than thinking about whether or not we’ll get an A or a B or an F in our state-required World Studies class, and it’s better than worrying about whether or not we’ll ever end up being successful writers, or doctors, or Wall Street millionaires. Too much to worry about, so we drink. And we drink until we’re drunk. But then we’re too drunk, and we feel out of it, and that makes us nervous again, so we start drinking more coffee to sober up, but coffee doesn’t sober us up enough, so we smoke weed to feel something other than drunk, but that makes us tired, so we drag cigarettes, and drink more coffee, and smoke more weed, and more cigarettes, and coffee with a little whiskey, and a little more weed……

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