She said that she wanted to take a picture. She was in a good mood. Giggling at nothing. And She kept saying, “Lou! I want to take a picture.”

So I said, “ok.”

But I didn’t want to smile for Her picture. I was watching the waitresses walk around. Asses pulled up tight in these black jean shorts. Frayed cutoffs. I wondered if it would be more fun to fuck them than to fuck Her tonight.

“Lou!” She screamed again.

I turned back towards to Her and said, “sorry. Take the picture.”

And She put the camera up to my face.

A waitress walked by. My eyes followed her ass. And so this was the picture that She got.


A picture of me picturing myself fucking some other girl.

Fucking candid.

58 responses to “Candid”

  1. You’re honest to the bone man. It’s crazy, because it makes your writing worth reading. You don’t sugarcoat anything. I love how raw it is.

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  2. Oh, this is sad… But what strikes me, through the sadness, is the raw honesty. There’s a pang of anger, for Her, but then, what can you do against the truth…

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