They’re shooting at the gun range
on Sundays
like they don’t care
that God preaches non-violence.
I don’t care either,
but I was trying to sleep
and their fucking guns
woke me up,
and now I’m pissed.
I’m trying to nurse
a pretty gnarley hangover
but I keep hearing those
GOD-DAMNED gunshots go

I wish that everyone would just go to church.

35 responses to “Church”

  1. Wouldn’t that mean you’d have to be there as well…seeing as you are part of everyone? I remember my parents sending me to a guitar mass in the late 70’s after I came home after getting drunk for the very first time. Wow was that a painful hour.

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  2. Only if God had a gun.
    When I went to church.
    Then I would put my cell phone down…
    And stop watching football and pornhub.
    Have a great week Lou.

    God: You have pornhub?!!!

    Me: Sure. Put that gun down and take a look.

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  3. In case you haven’t heard yet, Lou, the churchgoers are some of the biggest gun advocates. Now they’re even packing heat during church. And before you may want to reconsider that whole “god preaches nonviolence” thing; have you ever read the Jewish scriptures commonly referred to as the Old Testament? Sounds like you need to move farther away from the gun range just like I need to move farther away from the damn biggest biker bar in my county. Which wasn’t there when I bought my home. Grrrr…. Good luck!

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