I want to write words that move
like a bass line smoothes out
a slow song.
I want this thing
to beat your bones
like it was a fucking kick drum.
Like buh-dum
Can you feel it bumping yet?
Like a song that you loved
but forgot about
until just now.
These words are fucking music,
but they only make sounds
in your head.
Can you hear it?

41 responses to “Music”

  1. I hear you Lou
    But you’ve gotta do
    The baselines from your head
    It has to be neat
    But not a repeat
    Of something that you’ve read
    Don’t worry of the grammar
    Don’t worry of the tense
    Disengage your ego
    Forget the audience
    Make sure it’s authentic
    Make sure that it’s true
    Make sure that you feel it

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  2. Uh…This would be a song about desire to write a song? I’ve played synthesizer, for real, since 1973. I’ve stepped inside my mind and heard shit that’s acid on crack reversed and immersed in a 3D orb and seen music fly out of a piano harp as colorful geometry. So my question is are we reading the desire to write like that feels? The trick to the kick is 60 cycles or down where you can count them, gated, with some smack on the attack and the fading luminosity ooooooommmm. Here’s one. Did you know that churches long ago used the 32 foot or longer oragn pipes to rattle the room and instill fear in parishoners? That a standing subharmonic can cause your bowels to let go and stop your heart? If you desire to write like that? Strong enough to stop people’s hearts and make them shit where they stand? That, my man, is a kick ass desire and may you succeed! No more candy ass.

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