Chase asked me to come over.
He said it’s a good day for a swim.
I told him that I don’t like to swim.
Then he said that he had beer too.

I told him that I’d stop by.

When I got there he said,
“Look, Lou, isn’t this nice?”
He pointed at the palms,
and up at the blue sky.

I said, “yeah, I guess.”
Then I grabbed a beer
and sat down in the sunshine.
Maybe this is paradise, I thought.

But then my beer got warm,
and my skin turned red,
and I had to go back inside.

Chase asked where I was going.
I told him that I had to take a shit.
He said, “ok.”

“Thanks for the beer,” I said,
and then I got in my car and left.
I don’t believe in paradise.

43 responses to “Paradise”

  1. I can understand.. “Paradise” is a concept that I have been struggling with, actually… I tend to idealize situation all the time, and I always have to stop and remind myself that “paradise” doesn’t exist, there are no black and white situations, things are always grey…

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