She won’t respond
to my texts,
because I texted her
bestfriend and asked
for nudes.
I guess that wasn’t cool.
But her friend
didn’t send them anyway,
so what’s the big deal?
Respond to me, bitch.

No response.

I know that wasn’t
very nice either.
You’re not a bitch.
But I miss you.
Does that count
for anything?
You haven’t responded
to me in so long,
and I’m a needy sad boy.
Repond to me.

41 responses to “Respond”

  1. Ouch! that sucks to lose youir friend over that. Woman definitely don’t like being asked for nudes. That I can vouche for. Man! she could have still continued talking to you. I would have simply just not dignified the questioned and moved on. unless, they continued pursuing then I would cut them off. Hopefully she talks to you soon.

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  2. You should probably just send some nudes to her friend.
    It’s illegal, but you’ll likely get a response.
    Have a great day Lou. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I’d consider sending nudes to your friend (if I had a bod pic worth sharing)
    I wouldn’t respond to you though.
    No fuckin’ way.

    Great poem though.

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  4. I had a character getting “man up” lessons one time, and someone told him โ€œSome things are best left unsaid, Little Buddy. Dream to yourself and youโ€™re still a gentleman. Dream out loud in the wrong place and the whole world knows better.โ€
    So then you add physics to that, like every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and you figure out pretty quick dumb shit begats dumb shit response. Next time don’t ask someone she knows for nudes. I mean that whole scenario is ate up with dumb ass from the starting line, right?

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  5. Ok, that needy sad boy shit is kinda cute
    You fucked up.
    I think you’re more of a fuckbuddy kind of guy and you’re blowing it by being with one girl at a time.
    Sorry for blowing up your page today. I told you I’d read more shit and I got carried away.

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