You used to tell me
to stay sober.
I used to smoke a blunt
before you would come over.
I always said that
I was just tired.
You never really
believed me.
You just wanted to be
with someone,
and you hated to fight,
so you would let it go.
But we were both unhappy,
even though we said that
we were in love.
Sometimes it’s just
easier to lie.

40 responses to “Lies”

  1. It IS easier to lie. Problem is, once you start, you can’t stop. Focus on being true to yourself and if a woman doesn’t like it, she can walk. That’s the only way until you meet someone who loves you for you. (Good luck with that. All women see men as something to be changed or fixed. LOL!)

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  2. We have all been there and one thing I can tell … before it’s too late …… company for the sake of company is never a good idea and that musk you have to constantly wear will fry your skin sooner or later,and your soul😎

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