Bad (HERE)

I don’t feel like a bad person, but I know that I do bad things sometimes. And I know what I’m doing right now is mean, but I can’t help it. I’ll apologize later:


Jess rolls over on me and grumbles, “what?”

I scratch her back and tell her that I have to get up to go to work.

“Noooooooo.” Her hair is all over her face. “Lou, I don’t wanna get up!”

I smack her ass. “C’mon girl, I have to leave in a minute.”

She pulls the sheets up over her head. “Can’t you just call out?”

I pull the sheets back off of her. “No, I called off twice last week.”

“Awuughhh.” And she sits up.

I throw her her bra and her thong from the floor, and I give her one of my t-shirts. She moans as she gets dressed. Then she pulls on her pants and she grabs her jacket from the back of my desk chair, and she leaves without giving me a kiss goodbye.

“Bye Jess.”

She waves back at me from her car as she pulls away.

I walk back inside. I change the sheets on my bed. And then I text Sara and tell her to come over. I tell her that I want to see her because I’m not going to work today.

She says she’ll be over in ten.

I look down at the screen and wonder if I’m a bad person.

Published by lou rasmus

Lou Rasmus is an independent author from Chicago, IL. His works are largely focused on exploring the meaning of life – or lack thereof – while the themes of love, relationships, and self-loathing are also central to many of his stories. His upcoming novel, Primrose Isle, will be his third self-published title. Grapefruit Juice, a collection of bitter poems and short stories, and DEAD RED FISH, his semi-autobiographical debut novel about a young man coming to age on a road trip with his childhood friends, are also available on Amazon.

70 thoughts on “Bad (HERE)

  1. No one can really define the terms good or bad objectively, and even if they could, the persepective is at best, self-centered and guided by experiences. Rather than good or bad, I would say that this aligns with current social norms and is merely ‘typical.’ or, on a day when I’m feeling generous, human.

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