Drunk Blur

Thirteen drinks later
and suddenly
it’s Saturday.
It was Friday
the last time I checked.
But now its Saturday.
That’s ok.
At least I have some idea
of what’s going on.
But this hangover keeps
kicking me in the skull.
Like a boot against a door.
I need to get to
the liquor store
and start over.
I’ll see you on Sunday.

25 responses to “Drunk Blur”

  1. whoa…did you have a webcam view into my life last night Lou?
    now I’m re-hydrating with Gatorade so I can go to the gym
    if you ever make it out her to San Francisco Bay Area look me up
    we’ll do something fun and illegal
    and they just made “medicinal” marijuana legal here in January.
    Have a great weekend Lou. : )

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