I want to pull a handful of dirt from the earth and listen to the heartbeat of the world for a little while, and remind myself that I live here, and not in this fucking phone. It’s easy to forget sometimes, with how much life I pour into these texts and Snapchats and Facebook updates, but I know that I came from this earth. I feel it in me. When I sit beneath the sun and let it hold me like my mother used to. That’s when I know for sure that I was born of this dirt. That’s when I know that the land is my brother, and the sky is my family, and everything around me is just more of me, too. I think I’m going to get high and have a reunion today.

60 responses to “Reunion”

  1. Such truth in these words. I recently deactivated my FB and only have my blog on WP now and NO other social media accounts. I needed to do exactly what you’re talking about. Find grounding. I love how you put this into written words. 😊

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  2. You are showing an other side of Lou here.Beautiully written and great”topic”.
    Leave ur phone on the table and go out barefoot in the park or some field….enjoy your reunion day with Mother Nature… step is grandmother moon…..u can do it

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  3. Yes! This was so good… It’s important to look away from screens sometimes just so we don’t go crazy. I wish I had lived in an era without smartphones.

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