I want to paint these words
on my wall,
so that maybe they’ll
last forever,
or last until the walls fall,
like in a storm,
or a fire,
or some shit like that.
Or maybe I should tattoo them
on my skin,
because tattoos are forever.
Well, I guess,
until the skin
wears thin
and it shrivels
to nothing over my bones.
Ok, so maybe these words
won’t last.
Maybe they can’t.
But I still feel better
having written them at all,
on anything,
than not having written
them in the first place.
Maybe you can make them
last forever.
Pass them on for me.

26 responses to “Eternity”

  1. Tattoos are extremely ephemeral and are really just expressions of egotism the worst kind of pointless effort. Poetry lives when it deserves to, not because if its encriptive technique. But then Lou already said this.

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  2. These pieces are all awesome. Like Bukowski if he weren’t trying to be so damn sentimental. It feels like ducking into a cave and realizing this is where all the cool kids have been hanging out.

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