I write the words,
but then you have to
read them in your head,
so it’s almost like
this poem is as much yours
as it is mine.
And I think you can take it from here.
I’m gonna go have a drink.

41 responses to “Teamwork”

  1. There is a concept, Lou, of which you are possibly aware, called ‘creative reading’. The idea essentially is that you, as the writer, just plant the seeds. The reader tends to the garden and the results vary between each reader. Much like a painting – everybody takes something different away from the experience of interpreting it.

    One of my favourite quotes relates to a painter (for the life of me I can’t remember which painter) who in response to someone’s question upon viewing one of his paintings of “what does it mean?” was ….. “if I have to explain it to you then you will never understand it”

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  2. Cheeky tone! But it also carries depth. After all, how a poem is read can change the poem. And when people read poems, there is a voice speaking in their head! Well done!

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