Cigarette Selfies

i don’t know why, but most of my posts have been about social media lately. here’s another one:

Let’s take selfies
with cigarettes
hanging from our mouths,
so that people know
we don’t give a fuck.
Let’s take Snapchats
while we chug beers,
so that people know
we’re fun.
Let’s post
and post
and post,
until we’re on social media
more than we’re
in real life.
We should get more likes
that way.

58 responses to “Cigarette Selfies”

  1. Good. This post reminds me of my New Year’s resolution to take up smoking. When you say social media you mean Pornhub right? I knew a girl who smoked after sex. Man, you should have seen the smoke pour out of there. Have a great day Lou.

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  2. I am on a one man campaign against the use of “awesome” as a generic adjective. It has now become as meaningless as the word “nice”. This is a disaster for the ENGLISH language. It is symbolic of how misuse can ruin a word that was meant to be used on rare occasions. Look up the true meanig of it and maybe you’ll understand my point. If not, then you’re trapped in the maelstrom of DE-Evolution.

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