I killed my ex-girlfriend last year. Not literally, but sort of. She’s physically still alive. She’s just dead in every other way to me, and I did it. I pushed her to the edge (again, not literally) and then I killed her. I made her block me on social media and delete my number. I moved halfway across the country. And then she was dead. That’s it. And now she could literally (I mean it this time) die, and I wouldn’t even know. So the way I see it, she’s dead already. And I killed her. Lock me up.

42 responses to “Murderer”

  1. lou, the “facts” speak for themselves!

    Tubularsock knows because he read a detective story once.
    (A true fact.)

    You have confessed to a murder that you haven’t committed.

    That is called a lie!

    And a lie under oath is a crime!

    You said that you have in essence murdered your girlfriend.

    Yet she is still present in your mind and the proof is within this poem.

    So go to jail and do not collect $200.

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  2. Lou if you did it you obviously had your reason,may be now you just don’t remember but if u did that means it was right at the time😉now you confess,cleaned your conscience…be a man and get over it… always have California waiting😂

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