Instagram Love

I fell asleep with my clothes on, woke up, undressed, pissed, and then checked my phone to see if I had any messages.

I did.

All from her.

She broke up with me in a text. Again. Because she was mad that I liked that one girl’s picture on Instagram. She told me to unfollow that girl but I didn’t. The girl has a great ass. I like her pictures. Nothing wrong with looking.

“It’s the principle,” she said in one of the messages. “I told you to unfollow her, but you didn’t. And then you liked one of her pictures too.”

“v sorryyuyyy babbe,” my text back said. I don’t remember sending that, but my phone says that I did. At 3:46 in the morning. I thought I passed out at midnight.

“Well have fun jerking off to her pictures,” she said back. “YOU LONELY BASTARD!” That was her last text.

I put my phone down and showered and brushed my teeth. Then I called her to see if she really wanted to break up over this. She said that she did.

“Ok,” I said, and I hung up. I opened Instagram. And then I DM’ed the girl from the picture I liked. I told her that she had a nice ass. She said thanks. And then I asked her if she would like to go out sometime.

She said yes.

55 responses to “Instagram Love”

  1. ahhh life at it’s electronic best. we make due with what we have ,then move on when it blows is like fish, full of nice asses,fish asses waiting to be liked and groped like a grouper fish;except if i were a fish i wouldn’t bang a grouper fish.something with bright colors will do just fine lol.good write Lou.

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  2. Love this and I’m ashamed to say I’ve been that koo koo crazy chick way too often when I was a newbie on social media. Such a mind-fuck. I was also you, many times. Drives one nuts having to deal with that kind of childish chit. Yet, it is a fascinating study of human nature & relationships. Ooops, I’m making my own head spin 😜. Great post & I look forward to reading more 🌺

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