Super Bowl

I went to the diner
by my house this morning,
and I sat at the counter
while I tried to recount
the events of last night
to the waitress.
I couldn’t piece it all together.
So I ordered a coffee
and watched the white guys
talk about sports on TV.
It always seems like it’s
a bunch of white guys.
And there’s a big game today,
I guess it’s very important.
A guy next to me says that
he’s nervous about it.
I ask him why.
He says that it’s just very important.
Only, I can’t help but think
that there are bigger things
going on in the world.

47 responses to “Super Bowl”

  1. Yeah. I don’t get it either. I never know what sport is going on. Like someone mentions a team and I have absolutely no clue what sport they work for. Whatever. Like you said, much more important things to think about. (Is it actually a super bowl today or was this just a thought you had? No idea.)

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  2. What? You mean like feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, legalizing marijuana? I agree!! It’s just a fucking game to make owners, players, coaches, sportscasters, networks and Justin Timberlake rich! Just another fucking episode of the Brady Bunch.

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  3. I just watched England beat Italy in The Six Nations on the telly, it was exciting it’s a passion I share with my sons, there are bigger things going on in the world true, but it’s a spot of light relief.

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    • I agree. Its relief from all the shit we need to fix. Or cant. Or something. What ever it is… people who play think its really important. Sports. Olympics. Exercise. And they, the players have their causes they support. Not necessarily the causes i support. Not saying i am a fan but i also don’t care if someone wants to waste time and destress. The world is just one huge balloon ready to pop no matter what we do… or so it seems. Crawling back in my cave now…

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  4. Felt the urge to say hi. Maybe it’s the Superbowl effect. If the fox is always shifting the goal post, the grapes are indeed sour. Here Lou, try an apple. I like your poetry and the simple soul baring depth of it. What’s the beef – and where’s the pussycat at? If the wags tail the unique dog and change its style now what will designer cruelty or new age novelty mambo jumbo deny later when a growl is grounded. Write on!

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  5. Hey Lou, still going to California? Will you write something about the parents who kept their 13 kids (13 a bad number?) chained and dehumanized down to a state of total dependency by psychologically taunting them with food and new toys kept close in sight, which the hungry, mind-controlled siblings were not allowed to touch? I’m thinking that may be something more worthwhile than football, and whether it’s spent with white men or white women. You know about the classic warning signs of the life to come and the personification of torture that everyone says (after the sad fact; did a previous comment mention OJ) was the clear and present danger standing in plain sight for all to see. If someone keeps dangling something craved close to your mouth and yanks it away just when you are about to bite into it, then maybe there is a melancholy Lou poem about a dwarf tossing a giant in there. (No office to small people). Just remember to throw in some pussy and that will be vintage Lou.

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  6. One last thing…would you like to jointly write something with me…I need a male perspective on Sugar Daddies. Once, I applied to do an MFA at some universities that had an early February application deadline and sent notifications to applicants in early May. You write horror, right? (Good job on that one). After I submitted my application, I flirted with the idea of finding some sucker to bleed his pockets dry and drain his sincere heart of its joy and once grand stature by refusing his proposal to hook up and then set our pairing on my terms. I would say yes for just before or around the time I would get word of my acceptance into that creative writing program. Get him good and truly hooked and then I would mind-control him to fund my lifestyle until alimony and baby mama drama time. Haha – got you on that one…this is not real, just the premise of a work of fiction I am into at the moment.

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  7. There definitely are!! It’s an overpaid distraction that gets too much energy & money spent on it! I wish it could have stayed a past time. Now it’s just a way for people to turn into puking idiots. At least that’s what happens here in Green Bay🤣

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    • ha. that’s funny. its supposed to be a past time but it’s turned into life for so many people. people love to get drunk and watch tho


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