Material Things

I don’t take care of myself
but that’s ok,
because we live in a day and age
when material things are
more important anyway.
And I have a lot of things:
and hats
and diamond earrings.
The more the better
I think,
or they say,
the more the better,
that’s how the commercials go.
And I do feel better now,
with all of my shit,
because material things
give me value,
and status,
and a passion for
style and fashion
that I didn’t know I had.
I just can’t help but
wonder where we’d be
if the ads told us
to take care of ourselves?

54 responses to “Material Things”

  1. Good question right there! I’ve been following you and I love almost all of your writings. Keep it up, Lou and I look forward to more meaningful posts like this.

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  2. But they do! They tell us to buy vitamins and food complements and liquid collagen. And what about all those face creams, lotions, body butters? Shampoos to make our hair shine, gels to make them rise?

    Great post, Lou!

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  3. I don’t think we would do what those ads tell us to do. Like, I saw videos on how to exercise while sitting in a chair. I thought, “Hey, I can do that!” because I can’t stand for long or walk far. But have I actually done it yet? No. But I am seriously considering doing it!

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