I have a backpack full of
and a case almost full of
and I’m trying to make it seem
like I’m not getting fucked up
to suppress my fears.


51 responses to “Party”

  1. Yes, I’m just getting caught up now. Reviewing you photos I ascertained you definitely do not drink enough. One of my son’s best friend’s is based out of Chicago. Please pull it together and learn how to drink more, because when I and my son come there we are expecting to go to a Cubs or Bulls game with Dan. I’ll secure the tickets. We need someone who can show us the ropes and a good time Chicago. Baseball in the spring? Otherwise, I am going to impose on another Chicago blogger for such advice. Donna. She truly knows just how much trouble I can be. Enjoy your Sunday.


  2. Nothing wrong with getting fucked up, so long as you don’t end up choking on your own vommit and wetting yourself, and then get carted away in an ambulance, – anyway, all the girls were upset and worried, I guess that was something…

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